Independent Legal Advice

What is Independent Legal Advice?

Independent Legal Advice is legal advice that is independent of any of the other parties involved in an agreement or transaction.

The need for Independent Legal Advice can arise in many situations, whether business or personal. Normally you would be informed by a legal representative, a lender or other party to gain independent legal advice when it becomes necessary.

When will I need Independent Legal Advice?

There are many examples in which independent legal advice is required. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Gifting monies;
  • Equity Transfers;
  • Occupiers consent to Mortgages/Sales/Purchases – where someone will occupy the property but is not on the mortgage;
  • Indirect Mortgages/ Third Party Mortgages;
  • Guarantors to a Commercial/ Loan Agreement;
  • Directors of a Company acting as Guarantors for the purchase of a property;

How can Richard Webster help?

Richard Webster have years of experience in dealing with Independent legal Advice for both private and commercial clients. We also provide a priority service for a faster turnaround, when required, for an additional fee.

Independent legal advice may require a face to face meeting between the solicitor and client. Richard Webster and Co is based in Eastleigh (Hampshire) and Harrow (London). At an additional charge, our solicitors would also be happy to come to you should you require subject to distance and availability.

At Richard Webster and Co, we will help you through the documents, and ensure that you understand the risks involved and the content thoroughly before you enter any formal contract, deed or guarantee. The main objective is to ensure you understand all aspects and you are not influenced or pressured into signing anything by other parties without full disclosure of the true meaning and effect of the document. Remember, you are bound by the document of which you are signing.

We pride ourselves on the high quality and personal service provided to our clients, with client satisfaction is paramount.

How do I instruct Richard Webster and Co for my independent legal advice?

If you are aware that you may require independent legal advice, please call our office on 0203 475 4321 or 02380004321 or email and a member of our team will be in touch.